The Hematrix Patch: product specification


The ready-to-use patch consists of a spongy polyurethane matrix impregnated with clotting agents such as thrombin, calcium chloride (CaCl2) and epsilon amino caproic acid (EACA).

Product structure and function

The clotting agents are applied to the contact and inner surface of the matrix in a technically complex production process. After an injury, the blood flowing from the wound penetrates this matrix and reacts instantly with its large surface and the clotting agents. This activates the coagulation cascade, spreading from the matrix to the injured blood vessels and quickly closing them. There is no adverse effect on the blood flow and clotting process in the blood vessels.


A complex, standardised high-tech production, sterilisation and packaging process guarantees the necessary quality and stability of the Hematrix Patch. Production is performed under certified GMP conditions.


The Hematrix Patch is certified as a Class III medical device for external use to stop bleeding.