The company is managed by its initiator and founder Dr. Stefan Bertsch in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer. Hans-Georg Langer is responsible for finances and administration.

Both have many years’ experience across the pharmaceutical and financial spectrum.

Dr. Dr. Stefan Bertsch, M.Sc, Ph.d., M.D., Ph.D.

Positions of responsibility in relevant business areas of the pharmaceutical industry at Degussa-Pharma, SolvayS and Hormon-Chemie / Nycomed. As CSO and Medical Manager, responsible for the development, registration and pre-marketing of TachoComb/TachoSil, the first hemostatic and sealing dressing for organ- surgery. Managing Director of LariMed, Institute of Medical and Pharmaceutical Businessmanagement GmbH, Munich, and Nilu-Pharma GmbH, Munich. Consultant in the biotech and health sector as well as the pharmaceutical industry, specialising in business management, the translation of product development and manufacturing into marketing, business development and corporate affairs.

Hans-Georg Langer, Diplom Ökonom

As CFO and Managing Director of Nycomed Germany in Munich, responsible for the launch and sales of TachoComb/TachoSil. Graduated from Harvard Business School AMP. Extensive experience in the health sector.